Cas’s Book Review – Chosen: Book One in The Elm Stone Saga

4 out of 5 stars

Book by Shayla Morgansen

Fans of Harry Potter Won’t be Disappointed!

The White Elm council has governed the magical societies of the world for centuries, but when powerful Dark Keeper Lisandro leaves the council and forms a revolt, the magical world is divided.

Young sorceress Aristea Byrne is offered the opportunity to study under the tutelage of the council at their Academy. Aristea desperately wants the opportunity to compete for a coveted position as an apprentice to the White Elm, but her ability for scrying quickly reveals that not all is at it seems at the magic school. As she finds herself drawn more into the council’s unfamiliar world, and the mystery surrounding Lisandro, Aristea questions if she is in control of her own fate, or if her path has been chosen for her…

Chosen is the first book in The Elm Stone Saga, an epic young adult fantasy. It is an introduction into a much larger story that explains in real depth the magic in this world and how it works. From early on, the story does feel like a retelling of Harry Potter, but quickly finds its own narrative and voice as we discover the world through Aristea’s point of view. My one criticism is that there are many characters who simply are and don’t contribute to the overall plot, but as there are four books in the series, perhaps these characters will play a bigger role in the next novels.

Overall, this book is entertaining and would be enjoyed by fans of Harry Potter and magic schools.