Cas’s Book Review – See Us

Book by Shan L. Scott

See Us is the third and final instalment in the Second Sight Trilogy, a supernatural thriller full of intrigue, suspense, and horror. In See Us, our independent yet fiery heroine, Shelly Butler returns. Her ability to see dead people has thrown her into a new world of trouble—an antiquated mental hospital. Torture, hydrotherapy, electric shock treatments—Shelly has to survive barbaric mental health remedies to prove her sanity, but with the living against her and her only allies being the dead, the line between stability and madness begin to blur. 

The writing style is intense, the tension building from scene to scene as more of the hospital’s dark and twisted secrets are revealed. The horror is often sporadic and jarring, jumping out at the reader and vanishing in a heartbeat. Some of the scenes in this novel are incredibly inhumane and difficult to stomach, but ultimately work to arouse feelings of fear, shock, and disgust. 

There are retuning characters in the story and new characters, developed with strong motivations and somewhat wicked intentions. It’s this concept of characters and their unknown desires or purpose that drives the true fear into the story. Yes, the hospital is a disorienting and repulsive environment, but it’s the merciless and harsh actions of the staff that will send the heebie-jeebies up your spine.

See Us has taken the world of Shelly Butler and her ghosts to the next degree and is a captivating conclusion to the Second Sight Trilogy. It promises to shake you to your core and haunt you long after the last page.