Cas’s Book Review – The 13TH Key (Dragonscale Series: Book 1)

5 out of 5

Book by Sarah Fisher

If you love Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and the Chronicles of Narnia, this is the book for you.

Noah Chord has big dreams. Hearing-impaired and a budding fashion designer, teenage Noah has her future planned. Saving the world isn’t part of it. It’s not her world, though. It’s a place called Talisker, a world woven from music. 

Teleported to Talisker, Noah finds herself at the centre of a prophecy: find the 13th key and save Talisker from destruction. But saving its inhabitants from the charismatic Orville Kurz, the King’s advisor determined to destroy the world with blood magic, will require all of Noah’s tenacity and fashion talent.

The 13TH Key is the first book in Sarah Fisher’s magical fantasy Dragonscale series, and a perfect novel for children aged ten to fourteen—and anyone young at heart. The world building is by far one of the best aspects of this novel, with Talisker’s physical and historical components crafted to be realistic for the reader. Noah’s adventure in Talisker is both action-packed and comedic as she battles wizards and goblins, counsels friends and allies, and experiences her first encounter with romance.

The pacing is well balanced between the novel’s faster action scenes and slower character building scenes, which works in creating a story that flows seamlessly. Noah is a fully-fleshed out character. Her optimism leads her into difficult and hilarious situations, and the challenges she encounters provides further character growth.

Overall, The 13TH Key is a fantastic introductory to a new world of epic fantasy adventure.