Cas’s Book Review – Contrail Conspiracy

5 out of 5

Book by Cam Walker

Fans of action, suspense, and espionage will be delighted with this compelling read.

Sol Barrett is a dedicated aircraft engineer. Committed to his job, his team, and the safety of thousands of travelling passengers, Sol’s morals are challenged when he is approached by an extremist group to sabotage flights. His wife Kate is in danger if he refuses. Thrust into a life of secrecy and lies, Sol learns that to save his wife he must instil fear in the aviation world. But Kate is no innocent angel. Risking her own life to save thousands, she joins the resistance. What will happen when she encounters Sol?

Contrail Conspiracy is a page-turning action thriller. The pace is well-balanced between the slower introductory scenes, allowing the reader to delve deeper into Sol’s and Kate’s characters, and the fast-paced action scenes that spur the story on. Tension and excitement is well maintained, but it’s the human element that resonates most with this novel. Sol and Kate are torn apart, their principles challenged, their integrity tested as they are both confronted with external and internal conflict. We empathise, despair, and cry for them when they are wronged, and understand when they are forced to commit acts of atrocity.

Like any good action story, we expect… well, action, and Cam Walker’s debut novel doesn’t disappoint. There are fights, chases, explosions, guns, and planes falling out of the sky. What more could you want? The knowledge and research of aircraft maintenance is not only impressive, but brings an authentic touch to the story and the action. 

Overall, Contrail Conspiracy is a captivating story that will make your heart pound.