Books by Cas E. Crowe


Book one

The Wayward Haunt

“Mysteries and magic abound in this stellar YA fantasy debut.”

– BookLife Review


In the middle of the centuries-fought war between casters and humans, teenage necromancer, Zaya Wayward, is sentenced to the filthy coal mines of Gosheniene for a murder she didn’t commit.

Necromancy is outlawed magic, and Zaya knows that revealing the true killer, a wraith fuelled by violence and rage, will result in her own execution.

When Zaya is conscripted into service life at the Tarahik Military base, the ghost is waiting. Zaya’s ability to see the dead is the key that could annihilate human existence, and sinister forces will go to unstoppable lengths to get it.

Determined to find the link between her past and a puzzle that threatens the world, Zaya joins forces with Captain Jad Arden, the pair propelled into a breakneck chase across haunted wastelands, desolate ruins, and ravaged cities. But Jad has secrets of his own, and Zaya’s feelings for him could be her undoing.

One thing the wraith does ensure… the wrong choice will cost Zaya her life.

Book TWO

The Four Revenants

“From the very first word is a tale spun of intrigue and suspense. An intense, all consuming, and heart wrenching story.”

– Shan L. Scott, Author of The Second Sight Trilogy


Zaya Wayward is a necromancer on the run. Pursued by the United League of Dissent and hunted by the Haxsan Guard, Zaya is uprooted from the Tarahik Military Base and sent into hiding in Scarmouth. Bordered by lush rainforest and golden sands, the coastal village should be a utopia, but a gruesome incident transpires on the beach one evening—a ritual that demands the sacrifice of many lives.

All Zaya wants to do is find her friends and rescue Captain Jad Arden, the man she loves, but something deadly is woken by the ritual. The Four Revenants—the bringers of the apocalypse—hunger for Zaya’s blood. Dragged into a nightmarish landscape, Zaya makes a perilous journey through dense jungle and forested mountains in an attempt to survive, but is she running away from danger, or straight into its arms?

With her friendships near breaking point and loyalties stretched thin, could Zaya’s pursuit for Jad destroy everything and everyone she trusts?


THE dark divide

“Since the very beginning, I was drawn to this story as a spider being beckoned to an unwitting fly.”



Zaya faces a terrifying new reality.

Morgomoth has trapped her in a sleeping curse, and Zaya’s soul has been dragged into the nightmarish underworld of the Dark Divide—a place of endless, shifting tunnels filled with lost, raging ghosts.

There is only one way out. A door that, if opened, will unleash the Dark Divide into the living world.

Morgomoth has given Zaya a choice. Open the door, join him and his evil forces, or remain trapped for eternity.

Zaya must do the impossible. Escape from the Dark Divide, save Jad and her friends from Morgomoth’s horrors on the world, and learn to defeat him using necromancy.

But it won’t come without sacrifices… or betrayal.



This modern gothic horror explores a terrible family secret that haunts the Wolvercrafts’ ancestral home… a house where love is a curse.


Forced to attend her brother’s wedding, Saige Wolvercraft returns to her ancestral home, the house where her mother took her own life. Wolvercraft Manor is haunted. Or at least it is for Saige. The rest of her family thinks she’s nuts—a diagnosed handful. Worse, her ex-boyfriend and successful rock star, Jasper Young, is attending the wedding, and he’s the only one who believes her.

When Saige learns that a string of family deaths has occurred in the house over the last two centuries, she realises the supernatural is involved with the manor’s dark history. Not only does her bedroom window opens mysteriously on its own, but cries echo from the attic, and a seance goes disastrously wrong.

After a storm moves in, cutting off the family’s contact with the outside world, the bride starts behaving strangely. It’s time for Saige to investigate. The problem is she needs Jasper’s help.

As Saige and Jasper are drawn closer together and uncover more of the house’s secrets, they learn that something evil walks Wolvercraft’s halls… and it’s coming for all of them.