Daughter of the Waning Moon

daughter of the
waning moon

book one

Welcome to the brutal and enchanting Witch Tourney, where twenty-four full-moon witches from across the eight realms will compete to marry the emperor.

Losing in the games is certain death. Becoming the empress means a lifetime of luxury and power. For twenty-year-old Esmeray Oldenburg, a waning moon witch, the tournaments are simply a ruse to entertain the masses. There’s a darkness creeping across the empire, and Esmeray suspects the Witch Tourney is a convenient distraction.
After her sister wins a place to compete in the games, Esmeray is pulled into the scheming, manipulative world of the royal court. She’ll do everything in her power to make sure her sibling survives to become empress, but loyalty and love will be divided when Esmeray herself catches the eye of the young emperor.  

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