Cas’s Book Review – The Gilded Mirror

5 out of 5 stars

Book by K. E. Barden

A Unique Twist on our Popular Fairy Tales

Eveline Rafter lost her father when she was a little girl. Since then she has sought one thing. To find him. Or avenge him.

But Eveline needs enough gold medallions to begin her search. When she encounters the gorgeous huntsman Hansel, an opportunity ensues. Princess Snow, the true heir to the throne, is missing. Hansel wants to save her from the wicked queen Myrenna, who rules the land with an iron fist and consumes hearts for youth and power.

Eve sets out on her journey with Hansel and her closest companion Porchid, a Riverbell fairy, but the quest will not be easy. Dark forests, poisonous mists, a bloodthirsty queen, a princess trapped in a sleeping curse, and dwarves with split personalities challenge Eve at every turn, and soon she begins to question the world around her. Are they all fated to darkness?

K.E. Barden’s first book in the Finding Ever After Series is a fun, dark, adventurous, and imaginative retelling of popular fairy tales. The writing is concise and easy to engage with, and the narrative flows seamlessly from scene to scene, guaranteeing an enjoyable reading experience. The world created for the story is easy to visualise, and Eve’s attributes, personality, and backstory make her an interesting, relatable, and believable character. She is someone you want to read about and follow their journey.

Overall, The Gilded Mirror is an exciting YA novel for teenagers and big kids at heart. If you love fairy tales, this is a new book series not to be missed.